They prepare a variety of traditional teas for each type

This year is really fast

I feel like I’m going to pass.

Last week, five or more immediate family members were banned

I went to the city, my wife’s house, in compliance with the anti-virus rules

This is one of my own.

Why are you so tired? I’ve been working on this for a long time

The Foot Shop Unjeong Massage

I went to pick it up

The Foot Shop is a chain store, so there’s no way

It’s a good shop that you can easily access

It is one of the places where you are doing well without any favor.

Especially here is not more than four people

I’m only looking for customers, so I’m focused

I can get a horse massage

I think I’ll find it more often.

I just wanted to have my own healing time

This time I visited alone, and this is my own

I think it’s good without any other interruptions.

But I think I’ll be happier if I come with my parents.

The building is very clean and hygienic

It’s well-managed, so we’re gonna need to get

I was relieved.

the prevention of epidemics, disinfection and sanitation are thoroughly

I’m in charge of the management, and I’m in safe operation

I was satisfied with the customer because I could feel it.

The entire building is regularly conducting its own anti-virus

I am constantly disinfecting and preventing disinfection.

I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to

They’re creating an environment.

the personal shoe locker one by one has

You can keep your shoes safe.

How much does it look like the locker handle

I could see if he was keeping it clean.

Wherever you go these days, you’ll be similar

The Foot Shop Unjeong Massage is a way to

I could feel that I was keeping it more thoroughly.

Essentially, the position possibles after the mask wearing

All the management officers are masked

I’m managing it after wearing it.

with the body temperature check before being guided to inside

after the QR code authentication

It is impossible to manage if it is 37.5 degrees or more

Please note the benefits.

from entrance, the hand disinfectant is everywhere provided

It is available from time to time.

I read it beforehand because I have a customer notice

It was well organized.

I’m gonna talk to the therapist about my physical condition

If you leave the valuables to the store owner and manager of this business

Safely, it can safekeep, it rather than the dressing room

I recommend you leave it to the staff

time-only customer

I can get the Unjeong massage

I could have taken care of myself very easily,

First, write a customer chart and then what course you will get

I was able to get a guide to the dressing room after consulting.

The Foot Shop Unjeong New Town is bright and cozy

The comfort of the mind is the innermost

I could feel the feeling of healing.

I’m not sure where you’re feeling

I was impressed with the kindness of you twice for meticulously checking

This is a reconnaissance system that can be used cheaply

benefits and further benefits in membership registration

You can get more affordable care.

As long as it is operated as a reservation system

You must make a reservation before you visit. You can get the management.

There’s a private room, a couple room, and a group room

I can heal to my purpose.

I came alone, so pick in my private room!

The fact that you can get more private and intensively

He had a 수원건마 very good idea.

When you enter the dressing room, you’re prepared for each size of your clothes

I was in a state of great health, so I did not feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

and individually available

I gave you a hand cleaner and you were able to clean it up

I was able to enjoy the Unjeong massage after organizing.

You can get your head distracted when you wake up.

In case you’re doing that, various hair combs, toners,

There’s no one else to take care of because the dryer is equipped.

The towels are clean and the dressing room is not enough to see a hair

It’s clean, it’s all sterilized and washed

I could use it with confidence.

There’s a shower room, so if you’re taking an oil course

I think it would be great if I took a shower and went back to a fresh state.

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