The Celine bag of Jeong Ryeo Won as a prize.

I think everyone has a luxury item these days.

I used to buy it a lot.

Posting luxury products more than once a month.

There was a time when I posted it.

I’ve been lazy lately.

I don’t post it, but I do.

But on the Trenby channel, there’s this thing called the Luxury Signal.

I’m watching the content video!

If I’m going to buy it anyway, I’ll buy it for sure.

I’m more than 90%.

I tend to buy it myself at the store.

Is it fake that I sometimes buy at the editing shop?

It was a bit uncomfortable.

So I got to know a video that I could tell by myself.

I loved it.

Of all the products I have,

Komdegarson Play, famous for all its fakes.m.

We decided to distinguish brand products!

I have this cardigan, and it’s too common.

And there’s a lot of fake stuff.

Just like I thought,

They say it’s a brand with a lot of genuine inquiries.

You know, these fake things.

Does it mean anything to me to buy a squint every time I see it?

It’s so similar that I think it’s unfair.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I don’t know what’s the difference.

I was even watching a video of a luxury signal.

Guess what’s real.when you did

I chose the left.

The right side is steamed.

It’s a product that I own.

I don’t know.
Now I’m watching Trenby’s YouTube channel.

I think we can distinguish them!

I watched this video at home.

I’ve been comparing myself.~

First of all, how to tell the difference.

It’s the shape of the eyes in the logo!

Fake is kind of cute and consistent.

Rather, it’s like the original is engraved.

I think it’s there.

with the tip of the eye pointed upward.

It’s a design that looks like it’s up there.

The second sign is the back of the heart logo!

Look at the sewing on the back.

I can tell if it’s fake or not.

If you look at the back, there’s something that looks like it’

It’s straight and stitched, but it’s authentic.

It’s zigzag and tightly sewn.~

The third is painting care labels!

On the label of the clothes, the country of origin, the size, etc.

It’s marked.

It’s not as good as the logo.

It’s a better way to see it.

Now that I’ve seen Trenby’s video, I’ve seen Komdegarson.

If you look at the product, I think you can distinguish it with this!

Here’s how to see the inspection seal on the label.

Fake is incomplete in shape.

But it’s a real fake t-shirt.

I mean, the original one looks like a real seal.

Fake looks a little shabby…

Next is the size label!

If you look at this, you’ll see the real Komdegarson’s

It’s something that can sort out the jin.

Actually, copying the logo is…

I can imitate it very similarly, but I can’t believe it.

He missed the details.~

If you look at the size label of the fake product,

They say it’s thin and light.

The handwriting isn’t clear.

The logo is not in the middle.

When I looked at the size label, the letters were blurry.

If it’s not strong, it’s fake.

I’m looking at this luxury signal.

I’ve learned four different ways of distinguishing fake goods.

I’m looking at the care label seal, and I’m going to make it easier.

I thought I could tell it apart.

I mean, the other luxury brands, actually.

You can mimic the appearance of a man.

You didn’t care about this label, did you?

Now I’m gonna have to figure out what I’m capable of.

I’m on board.

Thanks to Trenby’s luxury signal,

I’ve learned this distinction!

Are you a child?

In fact, when you shop online for luxury goods,

I don’t know if this is real.

To be honest, you get to try it at least once.

That’s why these days, whenever I have time,

I’m looking for other videos of the luxury sign.

When I saw the video, I naturally saw Trenby.

I’ve seen a video of a campaign on a real chain.

In Trenby, you’re the only person who believes in authentic shopping.

They say they’re working on a campaign.

Look at this ad and take a quick quiz.

Discount coupon packs

I’m 100% sure I can get paid!

We’re going to draw a list 레플리카 of all the items available in Trenby.

B money and advertising.

The Celine bag of Jeong Ryeo Won as a prize.

It won’t take much time because you can get it won’t take long.

It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Until February 28th, Trenby’s website (PC/Mobile)

You can participate in the APP, watch the video,

If you participate in the quiz, you will automatically apply!

From March 1st, we’re going to have a second event.

They say it’s starting anew!

Those of you who are sad that you couldn’t participate in the first event.

Don’t forget to participate in the second event.

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