Jujitsu follows the Master Gracie genealogy, and guides Gracie’s authentic jujitsu with accumulated detailed map know-how.

Hello, I’m a Jiu-Jitsu officer at Madu Station.

I made a team hoodie before the weather got cold, but now I’m introducing it.

Only those who want to wear team hoodies have collected funds to decide and produce the design!
The color was also decided in black by the votes of the officials, and it was made in Dutch pay format.
I’ve seen a lot of group t-shirts and hoodies, but I don’t think I’ve seen the price and quality of them as good as this.

The reason why I chose this brand is because it is a Korean company that has been making Muji products for a long time, so I used it often since I was young, and I was very satisfied with the price and commerciality.
It has excellent warmth with a very thick lining of hair, and it is angled even if washed for a long time, and the hood is also a thick double method, so there was nothing to be desired.
Actually, hoods are a very wide range of items! It’s good to wear inside the outerwear when it’s cold, and I personally like this item because I can use it practically even if I wear a hoodie in spring and fall.

The strong team thinks that it is important to share the bond and bond between various individuals!
Team hoods make me feel like I’m upgrading my sense of belonging, solidarity, and fighting power.

The design is simple and the team logo itself tells the person wearing a hoodie.
In the coming summer,
I’m going to try a short-sleeved t-shirt that reflects various opinions.

Let’s have a trendy jiu-jitsu lifestyle together.

First BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Specialist
Jujitsu follows the Master Gracie genealogy, and guides Gracie’s authentic jujitsu with accumulated detailed map know-how.

Jujitsu is currently based in the main building of Sinchon.

All the officers and masters of the 주짓수 branch office are leaders who first started jiujitsu in jiujitsu, trained it for a long time, and have been verified for their skills and personality.

The leaders of each branch have been colleagues and seniors for more than 10 years, and have been continuously interacting with each other and training Gracie’s traditional jiujitsu.

BJJ Jiu-Jitsu
Finally! I’m greeting you through my blog!

Thanks to your sweat drops,
before I know
The gym is just around the corner.

It’s scheduled to open at the end of July.
I’m sorry for not giving you a detailed notice because construction is still in progress.£)

We will hold an open event during July and August.

Sticker Image
For two months, July and August!

If you’re registered for more than three months,

Admission fee of 30,000 won is exempted.
20% off total membership fee
Free jiujitsu uniform and belt
You can get benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Body and mind health, pleasure, self-defense, diet, coolness.

Once you’re out, you can’t get out of it.
to the charm of jiujitsu
A lot of people who can’t afford it.
I’ll be waiting with excitement.

You’re special
Special exercise.

Our BJJ is a gym where you can train a traditional Brazilian jiujitsu on a grey watch.

(Temporary timetable for social distancing ending 10 o’clock)
Morning: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30-12:00
Weekday afternoon: 7:00~8:30/ 8:30~10:00
Weekend morning: First and third Saturday, Sunday 11:00~12:30

Considerate painting atmosphere
Clean and wide mat
Free parking in the building’s underground parking lot
Classification of pleasant hot water shower facilities for men and women
Complete body wash or soap and shampoo
Separate male/female toilets
Large Air Purifier / Indoor Ventilation System
Cooling and heating to maintain pleasant temperature and humidity
Disinfecting mat ethanol at least twice daily
If you register for three months, you will be given 90,000 won worth of jiujitsu uniform.
Family Discount Event
Police, soldiers, firefighters, and civil servants at all times discounted

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