I am Kimpo Han River New City Massage

Hello, everyone.
I don’t know if everyone was doing well.

He’s always been active.
Because of the continuing corona,
I feel stiff because I’much.
I didn’t feel like I was getting rid of my fatigue.

​So I’m gonna take 부산마사지 care of myself this time.
I’m going to get a massage.
Lately, I’ve been using Gimpo Massage.
I’m going to get it!

The branch I went to was The Foot Shop.
It was Gimpo Han River New Town.~

He’s probably already been good for years.
There’s a lot of word-of-mouth in the neighborhood.
I’m sure many of you know this.~
Recently cleaner and more advanced
I feel like I’m showing up here and there.
I took a lot of pictures.

Every time I’m going to get my body care,
These are the times.
You keep talking about cleanliness and quarantine.
How they’re doing it.
I think I check it frequently.

I’ve been working with you lately.
I couldn’t go to the massage shop.
The place we found and visited.
It was Masaji, Gimpo Han River New Town.

I walked into the entrance of the store,
The plants are welcoming you.
It’s different from the atmosphere.
I got to hold it.~

Well, I guess when I went to Gimpo Massage,
I love getting massages.
Relax and relax.
I like a comfortable atmosphere.

I think there are many different kinds of courses.
Recently in my country, there’s a taimasazi.
Like Chinese massage shops, specialty stores vary by type.
It’s subdivided into a lot of people.
I think they’re coming in.

So the other people moved here and there.
I’ve seen some of your guys.
Eventually, it’s the Gimpo Massage.
There are quite a few people who settle down.

You get counseling first.
The counter clerk was very kind.
She answered me and gave me counseling.
So you can relax and heal comfortably.
I could feel it.~

After entering the store, I’ll go to the shoe rack.
First of all, we have slippers.
After changing it there,
Make sure you take care of your height!

This is the changing room that I got.
Locker, same key as locker key.
I really wanted to take care of you!

First of all, the store itself is spacious and pleasant.
I liked it as soon as I visited!

In the first place, the interior itself was…
It was so well done.

It’s the counter on the side.
I don’t feel pressured.
It was rather unique and nice.

Also, there are lots of green plants.
It’s kind of eco-friendly.
It’s a place with a stable atmosphere.
I really feel like I’m here to heal.
I was able to get it.

There are a lot of sculptures.
He’s sitting there, sweetheart.
You did a great job seeing these things.
I could feel what I wanted.

I mean, this kind of detailed atmosphere,
In terms of interior design,
I can’t feel like I’m in control.
I liked the part where it was!

Also, if you buy a membership, it will be more expensive.
Because it’s cheap to use.
I recommend membership to other people.

Of course, I’ve cut my membership.
I’m constantly going to school!

We are constantly discounting our membership every month.
I’ll take this, too.
I’m going around getting a discount.

This is the women’s fitting room.
The space itself was bigger than I thought.
It was nice to have a private locker room.

More than anything else, the things you need, like a dryer,
because they’re all in stock
You don’t have to bring it here!

Anyway, if you come out of that change,
Before you start administering
I get to take a foot bath.
This is a service!

Usually, if you go somewhere else, you can take a foot bath separately.
I have to pay for it again.
I hesitated whether to do it or not.
Kimpo Han River New Town Massage needs to be like that
No, the service itself is so good.

All the teachers are professionals.
Yeah, they’re all very good.
You’ve been so kind to me.
It’s really good to take care of yourself comfortably.

Now that we’re inside, the hallway is…
There’s a lot of different things.
You can see that the room is interrupted.

There are so many rooms.
I didn’t think there would be any inconvenience.

a single room, a double room, and a triple room.
There are many different rooms.
It was a corner.

I went and I found out that depending on the room, whatever you want.
Quiet, private, and stable
I was able to be managed in the environment!!

This is a triple room.
Actually, I’m still here with someone.
I’ve never used a triple room.
I’m not sure.

But apparently, there are three of us, so we’re going to come here with
I saw you take the Gimpo massage.
That would be great, too.

Last time, my acquaintances…
I got it from my family.
With my family, I got a massage from Gimpo.
We talk a lot. We get along.
It felt better and better.

Anyway, I received Gimpo massage in earnest.
He was really good at it.

Feeling like all the world’s blood is being released at once?
At first, I felt that it was cool.
As I got it, I felt like I was getting better and better.
It felt like the lumps were loosening.

After all that care,
I sat down and waited for a while.
I think he’s popular.

I don’t know if it’s like this.
I care about the details.
I thought I’d be a regular customer.

I can feel the atmosphere up to here.
Unique and comfortable
The atmosphere of Gimpo Han River New City Massage
I’ve been so drunk lately, I’ve only been here.

Especially here, there’s a lot of decorations.
It’s on display, so I’m waiting for a momentarily.
I’ve been waiting and looking at them.
I liked the lighting itself.

The light is a little orange, and it’s white.
It’s really subtle.
I think it gives off a warm feeling.
It’s a perfect atmosphere for a massage shop.

Other people want to go to Gimpo Massage Shop.
If you’re in the process of getting a head start,
I am Kimpo Han River New City Massage
I want to recommend it.

I personally think it’s as good as this.
The atmosphere is relaxed.
I didn’t find any place I liked.

It’s a place a lot of people are looking for.
I’m sure the others will like it.
It reminds me.

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