I was able to grow like this with the help of the director.

Q. What do you think is important when consulting and inquiring?
A. Activation and open mind. No matter what you do, you must have a will to do it when you start with your mind. As soon as you set foot at the Jujitsu gym, it’s clear that you definitely brought your will, so I always look forward to letting go of your worries and accepting the technology and the atmosphere of the gym with an open mind. Jujitsu can’t help but feel awkward every move. This is because there are so many movements that can never be made in everyday life. It’s because it’s too hard to exercise if you don’t accept it as it is. I think it’s all a matter of mind.

Q. If you have a memorable moment or a case that you felt the most rewarding as a representative,
A. Especially when sparring, I think it’s time to see them control themselves. Sometimes, when sparring for the first time, some people feel embarrassed and scared because they have never experienced strangling and joints being bent. Also, he seems to have a little illusion that his partner is a really bad person. There are times when it’s hard to tell whether it’s sparring or fighting, but after a long training, I’m proud to understand the technology and to see the part that controls myself.

How do you do your hobbies or cultural and artistic activities?
I am learning English in the morning class on Tuesday, Thursday, when there is no morning class. It’s a hobby, but I don’t study very hard and I’m constantly enjoying the fun of learning and writing English, so I’d like to say it’s a hobby. Originally, my major was art, so it’s a bit of an art activity, but I enjoy drawing when I have enough time or when I travel.
JU JI SU’s group appearance.

Q. If you have any know-how that came this far,
A. I don’t have any know-how, but I think it’s because I’ve been doing it 주짓수 steadily and the whole family is together. We can’t stop playing jujitsu, which we and our kids can enjoy together.

Q. If you have future prospects and goals,
A. Four or five years ago, I had a goal to participate in the competition and continue to challenge myself, but now I want to work hard to improve the skills of everyone who goes to our gym. And now I’m working as a judge of jujitsu, so I should try to do better.

Q. If you have anything to say to the readers who will be interviewed,
A. If you want to learn jujitsu, don’t keep putting it off until the next time. I think the most regrettable part should have come a little earlier. Try it aggressively. Jujitsu makes more than just exercise.

Q. Last word
A. I was able to grow like this with the help of Mr. Director. Our children were also helpful. I always thank my family for giving me another goal. Thanks to Jiu-Jitsu’s family, I’m always learning and filling. We look forward to your continued support! Thank you.

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