I want you to compare them carefully.

The dry weather that starts again…
Our couple are both skin smoothies.
Every time it’s dry like this, it’s a big body lotion.
Prevents dryness and becomes dull after a shower.
I tried to take care of my skin.
Most of the home care products were moisturizers.
It’s hard to take care of just regular cosmetics.
I had to apply it several times a day.
Aromatherapyra at the Aesthetic Shop
It would have been better if I got it right.
I was worried because I couldn’t.

Meanwhile, with an exotic date,
You can take care of dry skin.
Couple massage oil came out.
Right after the launch until today.
I’ve been using it for a month.
It was a very special experience.
You can take care of dry skin at home.
Body massage oil products
It was my first time using it.
This must be known to many couples.
It’s because I thought about it all the time I used it.

Heaven Gel / Heaven Gel /
EVENT 49,000 > 29,000
Like I said, both my boyfriend and I,
My skin was dry and sensitive.
When choosing body lotion,
I’ve been wandering a lot.
as well as trouble
Even if you try to be gentle, you’re burning up.
I don’t know how many items I transferred.
When choosing couple massage oil,
I had to be more careful.
It’s supposed to be almost everywhere.
It could be eaten by mistake.

It’s a product like that, so it’s safe.
Health came first.
So after choosing the Heaven gel,
I had high expectations and worries.
I’ve been really careful.
“Tired of bored dating and dryness,
It’s a must for couples.”
There’s the basics of massage gel.
It’s moist and smooth.
But a lot of the things we use.
Glycerin, the main ingredient of the moisturizer,
It could actually be the cause of dryness.
Did you know there was?
This is my first time to know that.
As recommended by the World Health Organization,
Glycerin causes osmotic pressure.
Moisturizing the Y zone in mucous membranes
He said he’d take the other side.

I was very concerned about this.
It’s not just pain that gets dry.
Break the balance.
It multiplies the harmful bacteria, which means that it’s going to grow.
It’s because it causes inflammation.
Of course I’m worried about this.
A lot of gels, not just me, these days.
‘Healthy’ is a trend.
Not only the Heaven gel, but also the other oils.
There were many ITEMs without glycerin.
‘Then aren’t they all healthy oils?’
You may want to, but…
Couple massage oil, plus glycerin.
Basically, the things that need to be kept are…
There were too many!
Based on what I studied,
I’m just gonna get to the point.
Don’t hurt your head. Just these.
You can check it out!
“Women’s bodies are very acidic.”

If you’re a little interested in Cosmetics,
You’re paying a lot of attention to acidity, too!
Especially for daily soap.
I was in the middle of my pimples.
You pick out a little acidic soap.
I realized the importance of acidity.
Women’s Y-zone is…
Ideal for pH 3.8 to 5
You have to maintain the acidity.
Not pH 5.5 for normal skin standards
The oil that is maintaining a pH of 4.5,
Don’t forget to choose!
“Freshness is alive, and residual is ZERO.
“Water-soluble gel is the trend”
I’m a body massage oil.
Of course, only fat soluble in oil.
I thought you did. The one I’ve used is…
freshly wiped with just water
It was water-soluble.

The first thought was that water-soluble
It dries more easily.
It’ll be less smooth.
He had a vague prejudice.
I tried it myself, and it was smooth.
Moisture is superior, and after use,
You don’t need a dedicated cleaning agent, just water.
It was refreshing to wash away!
Especially when residue remains in the body,
The cause of inflammation along with the feeling of discomfort.
It could be. Clean.
It’s a safe water-soluble gel.
It seemed like a good choice.
“Natural-derived ingredients, how much do they contain?”
Healthy oil is the trend.
It’s a natural ingredient
Add extract and add more ingredients.
I’m trying to be gentle.

But in the end,
The main ingredient of most soluble gels is
Jeongje-su, the fact that it’s just water!
And so organic percentage.
In many cases, it’s less than 5 to 10 percent.
No organic ingredients at all.
There were some products whose country of origin is unknown.
On the other hand, the couple massage oil that I chose is…
Bulgarian, the key and principal ingredient
93.95% organic lavender flowering
deep in lavender
with the scent of 목포마사지 essential oils
It’s milder and moisturized.
“The Best Recreation You Can Have Together”
It smells good, it’s mild,
Once I use it, my skin is full of moisture.
It’s organic love gel, so be careful of degeneration.
Ideal 120ML capacity and hygienic
Even the pump container was perfect.
I used it at home, but with my boyfriend,
It was good to go on a vacation and enjoy it.

With a compact and neat design
It was ideal for portable use, too!
For deeper love and skin health
A to Z each
There were obvious signs of care.
I hope you’ll enjoy your healing at home, too.
I hope you enjoy it.
Healthy Body Massage Oil Products
I introduced it to you.
The perfect fit for our couple.
Couple massage oil heven gel,
More detailed reviews and product specifications
If you’re curious, search “Heavenzel.
I want you to compare them carefully.
Promotional benefits such as duration events
Don’t forget to take care of it.

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