Massage is the best way to unwind the muscles

a luxurious exhalation

I’ve been so happy with the first impression

I’m so happy to have this month’s event and reserve events

The products you exercise always feel good!

There are also some of the best customer satisfaction products

I can get a recommendation when I’m worried about what I’m going to get.

Aroma doesn’t 강남피쉬안마 know what oil it uses

I didn’t challenge the aroma unless it was a good place.

So I’m gonna need a tai massage today,

Aroma said she was satisfied

Recommended products always have a reason!

To smooth the muscles out,

I’m taking it today as an aroma

Stylers are ready,

I’m gonna take care of my clothes

It’s like being served

I went into the dressing room, and I found a good locker,

There was a shower and a bathroom inside

The dressing room, the shower room, the bathroom, all together

She was very comfortable

If it’s not clean, you might not want to shower in the shower room,

Cheongdam The Thai has a clean shower,

The shower is carefully equipped,

I have a lot of towels, so I can use them comfortably

the head and face arrangement are done in the dressing room after massage

The various combs and dryers, cosmetics, toothbrushes

it is prepared to the cleansing oil and cleansing foam

You can make a pretty visit and get out of here

I got disposable underwear and a gown for an oil massage

They were neatly prepared in the pouch!

I’m prepared for the individual at this time of year

I can use it safely, okay?

When you get a foot bath before massage, you can only dip your feet in hot water

In Cheongdam The Thai, you can get baths and flowers and foot baths

The staff came and gave me a simple foot massage


I felt like I was being treated from the beginning

You’re gonna have to scrub and foot massage

How do you know where you’re uncomfortable?

I like it so much for you to check it out

The private room, the couple room,

I’m alone, so I’m in private

I don’t get it in bed at the Chengdam The Thai

I liked the feeling of comfort in getting it on the mat

I said I’d ask you to do me a favor because my shoulders are so tight

Please give me a light tai massage

You put a fomentation pack on your shoulder

I asked you weakly overall, and I asked you hard for your shoulders and neck

It’s too cool for you to fit it

Your shoulders and neck are really hard, but you are warmed up and received

It’s not sick, it’s very cool

I wiped the oil lightly on my body so I did not have to wash it off

I was thinking of using the shower room

There was a guide to use natural oil:)

a cup of warm tea at the end

It was a luxurious day-end

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