It’s a must-have structure in a garden or terrace.

Hello, this is Skyning and Pagora specialized cooling system that creates new space.
This post introduces the example of installing the power system Pagora.

Pagora refers to structures used in Western-style pavilion or in the shade above the passageway, originally made of wood, but recently, many people have installed Pagora, which is powered by metal electricity. It is also a must-have structure in gardens and terraces because space can be used without much influence from outside weather such as snow and rain and sunlight.

I’m going to show you an example of a rural house in Yongin. The owner ordered an electric pagora dinner for a comfortable rest area with your dog.

In a proposal post for a residential yard with a dog, the Siwon system mentioned that Pagora or skyning can be a great solution. This garden Pagora is a perfect example.

Shades for meals and sheep that can keep your body warm are also important for dogs. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a roofed space so that both dogs and owners can rest and avoid bad weather or hot sun like when it rains.
The cooling system’s skyning cover system has very appropriate features for this purpose. The electric remote control allows you to completely cover the sun when it is strong or rainy, and remove as much sunlight as you want when you need it. Covering the sides with a chassis or slide, you’ll enjoy a completely comfortable outdoors.
This is a complete view, with decked out on one side of the garden, mounted on a Pagora, and even made a glass slide door.
Originally, Pagora is a structure consisting of columns and lattice-shaped ceilings, but the addition of wall panels can transform it into another perfect space.

You can choose the material and form you want for the wall.
Decide after detailed consultation with an expert of the cooling system.
We chose the Pagora color that blends with the natural color of the house.
The dog’s outdoor tree house is located in one place, so you can relax.
It’s a beautiful outdoor space that both dogs and people dream of.
The setting is not complete yet, but if you put a table and a seat for the owner here, you can enjoy your leisure time while looking at the blue recordings and the sky with your beloved dog, right?

The glass sliding door was installed on 파고라 the wall so that you can enjoy the outside air at any time while being protected from the outside environment.
You can adjust the amount of sunlight entering by tilting the Pagora ceiling slats.
Unfortunately, there are no pictures of slats open. If you’re curious about the slats open, please refer to this.
Another garden on the other side is set up with a Pagora for dogs.
I can feel the warm heart of the owner who wants his dog to go freely from place to place in the garden and enjoy the outside air while living a comfortable life. In the same way, the natural and cozy Pagora is completed using a brown frame that matches the brick color of the house.
There are two types of power operated by a remote control and manually operated cooling system.
You can connect electricity to enable both power operation and lighting installation.
Manual pagodas can be installed even in spaces where electrical connections are difficult.
You can install solid and beautiful Pagora anywhere, so feel free to contact me.

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