When it’s uncomfortable, let’s get a professional management

I still have a lot to do at home.

I’ve been working on a lot of bodywork

I’m looking for a place to naturally release myself.

So once a week, you’ll have to go

I’m gonna get a massage near Masan Station

I made up my mind and looked.

The long life in the house has been

You’re saying your whole body is sick

You’re a lot of people.

And since it’s Koshi, I’m not sure

I want to get it, but I do not feel comfortable

There are many of you

I also want to know

I couldn’t find him, so he was sick.

So I think I’m also a good idea

where you can get privately

I think you prefer a lot

The biggest feature of the dry massage is

The state-run masseuse does it herself

Your former job was a health trainer

I understand the body quickly and precisely

You know, I’ve had a lot of trust.

And the title of nationally recognized masseuse

It’s usually in a place like Taimasaji

more accurately and reliably

I think I have the advantage of being able to release you

Sometimes you get it wrong, you get it together

but it’s really cool without that

I could have received it

The bathroom is near to the outside

It’s convenient. It’s just that on the outside

I thought I was right to come

I’m not gonna let you know

It’s a business, and it’s a fact

I liked it!

Usually, when you have a reservation or are in the process

You put a ring on the door

If you want to come too early, you can’t be outside

I could wait

If you change your position, I will be able to

I’m getting it, but someone came in

It’s so uncomfortable waiting

I liked that, too

Unlike the exterior, the inside is neat

You’ve made it up

with a baby feeling

I noticed something neat

I usually go to get a dry goose

a map of the cleanliness of the place

It’s unidentifiable, and it smells a little bit like a house

I smelled like a basement

I was frowned at

It’s so neat

I can see the cleanliness at a glance

The smell of house-dwelling, like the smell of a basement

I was so 강남피쉬안마 glad I didn’t

I think I’m sensitive to noses

I’m afraid I’m going to be repulsed once I smell it

It’s the cleanest massage shop I’ve ever been in

I liked it!

Wow, the picture shows the former Hellstrainer

I found a nice picture

The picture is so cool that I can’t see

He kept going

I may be a very neat man, but

Even these mirrors are clean

I felt comfortable being a maintenance worker

cleanly and without dust

I’ve seen you manage it, and I’ve been trying to

I thought I’d be happy to leave you alone

And the anti-virus and disinfection

I was relieved to hear that you were doing it

This is a photo of the dressing room

You also kept the dressing room clean

There was nothing small but anything

For women with long hair

I saw you with a hair strap and I was really careful

I thought you had it ready

And the massage suits you’ve prepared

I liked the smell of the house

I felt fresh and unsettled

I’m sure you’re not gonna be able to wear

There were times when it was hard because of the smell

And I’m sure you’re not gonna be able to

I think I’m trusting him

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