On days when there is a lot of fine dust, you can enjoy the outside scenery through the glass door by closing the folding door.

It is a cool system specializing in sky learning and pagora that creates new space.
In this post, I’d like to introduce the example of installing the power system Pagora.

Pagora is an outdoor shade structure made of aluminum frames.
Snow and rain because electric or manual movement of the slats on the ceiling controls the amount of light and allows full opening or full closure
It is also a must-have structure in gardens and terraces because it can be used without being affected by external weather such as sunlight.

Today’s example is the system phagora installed for resident shelters in the apartment complex.
It is made of white-toned frames that go well with apartment buildings, and a cozy and fresh atmosphere of shelter was created in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

It’s a perfect resting area with a phagora on the deck and a comfortable sofa.
On days when the sun is not hot, you can sunbathe by opening the Pagora Slat slightly.
Children’s guardians can relax at the Pagora Shelter next to the playground and garden, watching them run.

The frame with the apartment’s name on it looks cleaner and prettier.
Both sides have glass walls and folding doors on the front and back, making it a practical and highly utilized structure that can be used indoors and outdoors.
Folding doors have a wide open surface, so it can give a cool feeling.
When the temperature is right and the wind is cool, the door is fully open to enjoy the outside wind.
On days when it is rather cold or fine dust is high, you can enjoy the outside scenery through the glass door by closing the folding door.

It looks like all the doors are closed and the lights are on at dusk in the evening. It’s perfect interior with curtains, right?
Country house terraces, rooftops, empty houses, gardens. Wherever there is space, you can create a new room like this through Pagora.
The utility of Pagora and Sky Learning is endless.

In the evening, the Pagora LED light shines more. Please note that lighting may be added when constructing Pagora or Sky Learning.
You can spend time in the shelter under the light at night.
Like this, what is essential for walking paths or gardens will be Pagora or Skyning.
Discuss whether you need skyning or phagora depending on the atmosphere and purpose of the space.
Contact 031-556-2238

I can see in my head that the residents will enjoy spending time separately or together here.
There is also a phagora of cool systems in the neighborhood.

The person who planned the space decorated the interior of Pagora.
It’s a rest area where the sofa, table, and a nice wooden flowerpot blend 파고라 perfectly.
If you’re curious about the opening of the Pagora Slat, read here.

The advantage of sky learning and Pagora is that it can be easily opened and closed depending on the situation.
The electric Pagora of the cool system is made of aluminum material, which is durable and customized for the footprint.
Also, its features are excellent quality and fast A/S using design-patented products.
Various consultations such as sky learning, electric Pagora wall screen, folding door, etc. are available according to the field situation, so feel free to contact us.

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